• N. Bantu Key

A premiere date has been set for the new SpongeBob series prequel

The SpongeBob Prequel Series Has A Premiere Date

Lovers of Spongebob are getting excited once more over the announcement of The upcoming SpongeBob prequel series, Kamp Koral, which now has a premiere date

According to The Hollywood Reporter Nickelodeon has confirmed that the new animated show will debut in July,

Kamp Koral focuses on a 10-year-old SpongeBob, and specifically his adventures at an overnight camp called Kamp Koral. There will be 13 episodes in the first season.

The main voice cast of Kamp Koral will be brought back including Tom Kenny (SpongeBob), Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick), Rodger Bumpass (Squidward), Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs), Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy), and Doug Lawrence (Plankton). The characters Mrs. Puff (Mary Jo Catlett), Karen (Jill Talley), and Pearl (Lori Alan) will also be coming back. Kamp Koral will also feature new characters voiced by Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko's Modern Life, Spyro) and Kate Higgins (Naruto, Sonic).

SpongeBob series producers Marc Ceccarelli and Vincent Waller are Kamp Koral's co-executive producers. In addition to Kamp Koral, another SpongeBob spin-off focused on Squidward and his musical talents are reportedly coming to Netflix.