• Scott Hatcher

Dancer in Music Video | Addisa Goldman

The visual comprises of realistic footage intercepting with stylized, cartoon

graphics as Cee Lo wearing a tuxedo paired with an oversized black bowtie

walks down a neon-lit street trying to woo three different women in bright

colored red, blue and yellow outfits. The video ends with the three ladies

dancing behind Cee Lo.

One of the women featured in this video is Addisa Goldman who trained

throughout high school and college with hip-hop crews, such as N-Effect and

Tru Flavaz. Apart from “It Is Ok”, the dancer has appeared in several other

music videos that include, Aloe Blacc’s “Can You Do This” Ice Cube’s “Drop Girl

ft. Redfoo & 2Chainz” and Lady and You Shot Me’s “Har Mar Superstar.”