• N. Bantu Key

Mette Towley - Lemon

This powerful, unapologetic piece starts out strong with Rhianna calmly shaving the hair off of Mette Towley’s head in a hotel room while Pharrell drops the first verse. After the hair goes, Mette Towley steals the show. She remains the centerpoint of the entire video as directors Todd Tourso and Scott Cudmore focus on Towley as she gyrates and pops around the cameras. As the beat plays on, Towley continues her artistry throughout an indoor flea market wearing old- school baggy Levi’s and a white tank-top. Sandwiched between Pharrell’s verses, RiRi storms the track with a minute long verse of her own.

Mette Towley is a professional dancer through and through. The 26-year old Minnesota native earned her degree in dance and dance theory from the University of Minnesota and moved to Los Angeles where she has been a member of Pharrell’s dance squad, The Baes since 2014. She can be seen in a recent Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones commercial dancing to “Lemon.”