• Scott Hatcher

Sale of witcher 3 has seen an increase of up to 500 percent thanks to the new tv show.

The hit TV show Witcher currently streaming on Netflix has proven to be incredibly popular for the streaming, This has also benefited the sales of witcher 3 which is reported that sales in the US jumped by more than 500 percent after the show debuted.

Sales of physical copies of The Witcher 3 in December 2019 saw a steady increase of 554 percent compared to December 2018, according to NPD

Sales were expected to rise in 2019 regardless of the show because The Witcher 3 came to Switch in October. However, even excluding Switch, sales of The Witcher 3 in December 2019 rose by 63 percent, according to NPD.

Also of note is that these numbers are for physical game sales only.

Not only this but the search for broader knowledge on the show no doubt led to more sales of the Witcher books which also increased by 562 percent in the two weeks following the release of the TV show.

The Witcher TV show is based on Andrzej Sapkowski's novel series, which CD Projekt Red also adapted for its video game franchise.

The TV show is returning for a second season in 2021.