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At BRABAR we aim to help teen girls feel comfortable and confident in their skin while giving them the tools to be their best selves. We promote self-love & aspire to cultivate strong, confident young women who recognize a simple, empowering truth: you are so much more than your body, you are somebody. We encourage girls to recognize that she is her strengths, weaknesses, dreams, passions, accomplishments, failures, and everything in between. Her body is just one aspect of the amazing, dynamic individual that she is. There is a strong connection between intimate apparel and how girls feel about themselves. Coming of age opens floodgates of information and emotion for girls. Unrealistic expectations and social media are negatively impacting the psychological development of teen girls. Embarrassment about changing bodies & growing up escalates girls' concerns about body image. BRABAR is MORE THAN JUST A BRA for teenage girls. We are a destination impacting change by shifting the conversation from Body Image to Comfort, as the foundation of Confidence. We achieve comfort through finding the right size bra, proper fit and teaching girls to shop by band size. We are changing the way teens shop for bras! Getting into and wearing a bra that is just the right size is fundamental!

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